KSC Team,

I urge all to be safe as we recover from Hurricane Irma.

For those who evacuated, take care as you make your way back home. Be aware of your increased stress and remember that your safety is the real “win” in any traffic confrontation. Nonfunctioning traffic signals should be treated as four way stops – slow down, stop and decisively take your turn.

Cutting trees/limbs and getting on roofs come with their own hazards; be aware, take your time, and wear the right protection.

For those running generators, ensure the exhaust is well ventilated and won’t enter your homes.

Cocoa Water experienced many breaks during the storm. Be aware of any boil water alerts for your area.

Your families, friends, and employers are counting on you to be safe and healthy as we recover from Hurricane Irma.

Russ DeLoach
Director of Safety & Mission Assurance