This information is regarding evacuation for residents of Brevard and Volusia Counties. Please see the appropriate section for the county in which you live. Information below is current as of 1900 EDT on September 7, 2017. Seek additional information and updates from your county Emergency Management Agency via local TV and radio stations or from your county Emergency Management’s social media and web pages. Please do not rely on KSC-Emergency-Preparedness emails as your source for county specific information.

The following information is for residents of Brevard County, from Brevard County Emergency Management:

“Brevard County has announced a mandatory evacuation order starting at 3 PM Friday. This order is for Evacuation Zone A, ( which includes the barrier islands, Merritt Island and some mainland low-lying areas along the Indian River Lagoon. In addition, those who live in mobile or manufactured homes or in other flood-prone areas are also vulnerable and should evacuate, whether on the mainland or the barrier islands.

The evacuation order is effective at 3 PM Friday so that residents and visitors have a minimum of 24 hours in which to prepare their homes and take shelter before the arrival of tropical storm-force winds, which are expected overnight Saturday night.”

Please see for additional information and a list of shelters in Brevard County.

The following information is for residents of Volusia County, from Volusia County Emergency Management:

“Based on the latest storm track, residents on the beachside, in low-lying areas, and in RVs, mobile or manufactured homes are asked to evacuate voluntarily. If you are uncomfortable in your home, you also are encouraged to evacuate.

Public shelters will begin opening Saturday morning in Volusia County. If possible, evacuees should stay with family and friends prior to seeking public shelter. Residents should not go to public shelters before they open.

For a list of shelters, visit”