KSCSOS.com: Kennedy Storm Central!

We’re well into the 2018 hurricane season and so far, so good.

But should a severe storm force the center’s shutdown, KSCSOS.com will be there, a virtual safety net to help ensure your family’s well-being and peace of mind.

KSCSOS.com was stood up by HR and our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) last September – just as Hurricane Irma was bearing down upon us. Still, the website premiered to rave reviews from employees who found it to be a reliable, one-stop shop for staying “plugged in” to Kennedy during and after the storm.

During a hurricane, KSCSOS.com is updated at least twice a day with vital information that answers timely questions, such as, “When’s the center gonna re-open?” “My family needs me to help with clean-up. Can I stay home another day?” “When we do return to work, will I need to bring my own drinking water?”

At KSCSOS.com, you can also check out the latest storm track on radar from the National Hurricane Center; explore how dangerous or clogged conditions are on Florida’s major roadways; follow what others are saying about the storm on Twitter; and, in the unfortunate event that your home suffers extensive damage, find the nearest shelter in Brevard County that can provide safe haven for your loved ones.

Finally, KSCSOS.com is reliable. It can be accessed with a connected mobile device. And since the website lives outside the center’s firewall on servers far from our area, its integrity is maintained despite any storm effects we might suffer locally.

Let’s hope we remain storm-free this 2018 Hurricane Season. But if our luck does run out, rest assured that KSCSOS.com and the KSC Emergency Management Team will keep you in the know.