NASA has been working very closely with both SmartPay providers (US Bank (SmartPay 3) and JP Morgan

Chase (SmartPay 2)) regarding delinquency protocol for NASA employees impacted by the government

shutdown. Although both banks still expect payments to be made as normal, they do understand the

difficulty and impact due to non-payment at this time. Travel card statements and/or delinquency

notices will continue to be sent by the banks per their normal process. Due to the date of when NASA

went live with US Bank for SmartPay 3 (11/30/18), all NASA accounts will remain in an “open” status; US

Bank will not place any delinquent accounts in suspension. Additionally, no NASA accounts will be

reported to any credit monitoring services due to non-payment for either US Bank or JP Morgan Chase

during the shutdown. The expectation by both banks is that upon the reopening of federal agencies,

employees with any delinquent balances will work to get these balances resolved in an expedited

manner. Additionally, US Bank has confirmed that no late fees or finance charges will be charged

against delinquent cardholder accounts.

In addition, NASA has been working closely with GSA regarding the government shutdown. GSA did

receive confirmation from US Bank prior to the shutdown on payment expectation. An excerpt is shown



U.S. Bank will not deactivate any account without authorization from the GSA Contracting

Officer. U.S. Bank understands that accounts could become past due until budgetary issues are

resolved. Once the budget is approved, we will work with the Government to bring past due

accounts up to date. U.S. Bank will also work with the Government to implement risk mitigation

measures to monitor fraud and unusual delinquencies in the event of a Government-wide shutdown.

GSA has provided a list of frequently asked questions concerning the government shutdown and can be

found at the link shown below: