KSC Participates in NASA Agencywide Telework Day

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, one of the actions the agency is taking is to conduct an agencywide telework day on Friday, March 6.

The purpose of this exercise is to test our capabilities, resources, and preparedness for large-scale teleworking.

Participation is optional but highly encouraged, provided you have consulted with your supervisor and your offsite work location does not interfere with organizational priorities and critical operations. Onsite contractors should speak with their project manager and, if appropriate, their Contracting Officer Representative (COR) regarding telework eligibility and follow company guidance/policy.

Remember to take home your laptop computer, power cord, and NASA badge to ensure you can work from an alternate location. Use the agency Virtual Private Network (VPN), AnyConnect, anytime you are working on a network away from your center. Make sure your government-issued computer remains updated with software patches and virus protection. Ensure your internet capacity can support teleworking.

The Kennedy Space Center, as well as all NASA centers and facilities will remain open during the telework day for those not telework-eligible or able to telework. Civil servants eligible to telework who do not have a telework agreement in place will be allowed to participate with your supervisor’s approval.

On Friday, NASA personnel will receive an Emergency Notification and Accountability System (ENS) email. It is important that everyone follow the email instructions and complete the survey to test our ability to communicate with employees, regardless of telework status. Additional information on ENS, including how to update your information, is available at https://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/ops/nasaonly/ENSinformation.html#update.

Please visit our coronavirus website at https://nasapeople.nasa.gov/coronavirus/ for important information.