KSC remains at HURCON I.

Hurricane Dorian stalled over the Bahamas overnight, but is forecast to move into our area later this morning. Tropical storm force winds are projected to affect KSC tentatively starting this afternoon and ending Wednesday.

KSC and the Visitors Complex are closed and will remain closed through at least Thursday, September 5. For center status and return to work instructions, continue to check your email, the KSC Recorded Center Status Lines at 861-7900 or 866-KSC-HURR (866-572-4877) or http://kscsos.com for updated information.

Only Ride-Out Team personnel are permitted on KSC.

KSC DART members only:

KSC DART will tentatively report to the center Thursday, September 5, at 0800, at the KSC Training Auditorium.  Please check this site daily at 10 a.m. for any updates to schedules and reporting times.

Workforce Update:

NASA Civil Service employees. In accordance with 5 C.F.R. Part 610, subpart C, the Center Director has determined that the closure of Kennedy Space Center on September 2, is necessary because normal operations of the Center are interrupted by Hurricane Dorian – an event beyond the control of NASA management or employees.  Accordingly, all NASA civil servants are relieved from duty with pay on September 2, through at least September 5.  All civil servants must return to regular duty or be in a proper leave status beginning no earlier than Friday, September 6.

Contractor employees with questions about their attendance requirements should contact their management.

Travel: Supervisors and employees should discuss travel plans that may be impacted by Hurricane Dorian.  If travel plans need to be changed, travelers should call CI Travel at 1-855-896-7941.  Any other travel-related questions may be directed to Ryan Richards at 321-603-9374 or to Tony Derbyshire at 321-298-5607.