Kennedy Space Center will resume normal operations Saturday, Sept. 16. Employees should report to work according to their normal schedules.

The center has received an all clear for employees to return; however, recovery operations are ongoing and personnel should use caution when returning to work.

All KSC access gates will be open at their normal times, with Gate 2 closed until Monday. For further information and updates, continue to monitor the recorded KSC duty status line, 321-861-7900, or toll-free, 866-572-4877 (866-KSC-HURR).

Employees should be aware of the following issues as you return to work:

  • No road closure have been reported; however, some intersections have inoperative stoplights; use caution and obey the stop signs at these intersections.
  • Identified hazards have all been controlled, but there is a potential for debris in the area. Exercise caution and maintain awareness of your surroundings for potential hazards.
  • Damage assessment teams have accomplished a cursory walkthrough and many of the issues have been identified and reported. As you return, please be cautious and report any additional hazards or damage you find in your work area to the KSC ISC Duty Office at 321-861-5050 or the buildingÂ’s Facility Manager.
  • KSC facilities in the industrial and Launch Complex 39 areas have been inspected and are safe for personnel to return to work. This includes the KSC Child Development Center and all administrative work areas. All facility systems including communication, power, and air conditioning are functional.
  • All food services will be open and supporting; however, concessionaires may offer limited menus.