Here’s the latest from today’s (Sunday) 9 a.m. telecom briefing to senior management by Wayne Kee, NASA Emergency Management Officer, from the KSC Emergency Operations Center (EOC):

Irma’s initial winds of 39 m.p.h. are expected to arrive at KSC around 1 p.m. today, Sunday.

The storm’s eye is forecast to be closest to KSC (139 miles) at 2 a.m. Monday, producing maximum sustained winds of 54 m.p.h. for approximately 3 hours. Higher gusts are possible.

Rainfall of 10-12” rain is expected, with up to 18” possible in isolated areas.

A 1 to 3-foot storm surge is forecast.

At present, Irma is expected to exit our immediate area by mid-day Monday, Sept. 11.

KSC remains CLOSED until further notice.

Stay safe!